Cancellation Policy

Nearly every day we receive calls and emails from people who need to cancel with less than seven days notice or were unable to attend an event. We understand people get sick and unexpected things happen in life however in order for us to manage our seating and run a successful business it is important that we adhere to our policy, which has nothing to do with lack of understanding or compassion. We have a business to run and employees to pay. Our seating is limited and we only run a few events each week, every seat matters to us.

Please understand that you agreed to our policy when you booked tickets, it states: 

A change in personal circumstances does not entitle a ticket holder to return or exchange of a ticket. If you do not accept these conditions please do not purchase a ticket at this time. Thank you for your understanding.

We receive last minute cancellation requests and no-shows for nearly every single event and therefore if the event is sold out or has just one seat remaining we do not grant exceptions to this policy, for any reason.

Thank you for your understanding.

Jen Halman, owner