It was a fantastic experience! Having hardly ever used acrylics before I was nervous, but the instructor, Carrie, gave great instructions and made the process very fun and stress-free. It was an excellent date event, but there were groups of friends, family members and individuals who were there having a lot of fun. If you’re looking for a different, fun, and unique experience, head to Studio Vino and give it a go! You get to take your masterpiece home with you, too!


Went with my daughter…. quality time, you can’t buy that.
Great atmosphere, it was a great afternoon.


Attended Studio Vino in Pirie st after a friend purchased me a voucher for my birthday. I am no artist but thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and was able to follow the clear directions from the facilitator. The drinks were very reasonably priced at $5 a glass and you could choose to be social or keep to yourself. There was also plenty of room for individual interpretations of the image we painted…. in fact it was encouraged. I will absolutely be attending again, just need to find the right image to paint to put on display next to my other one.