Renew Adelaide supports new Studio Vino social sessions where you learn to paint, over a wine

A PAINT brush in one hand and a wine in the other might result in rather interesting artistic results.

And that’s the whole point at Studio Vino, where art is part of a new style of “social event”.

Following a trend that graphic artist Jen Halman reports is big in the US, her studio will offer sessions rather than actual classes, to “uncork your creativity” over local wines or cocktails.

At every session Ms Halman or another qualified artist will be upfront guiding quaffing participants step by step through the painting of a particular piece, in acrylics.

“It might be flowers, flamingoes, or a certain van Gogh,” said Ms Halman. “People can also paint whatever they like.”

Studio Vino opens in coming weeks at 205 Pirie St, city, with Renew Adelaide support.

Ms Halman said no art experience was required to attend the events, which run for about three hours and cost from $35. Some sessions include BYO corkage, or local wines can be purchased.

Studio Vino is sited next to the soon-to-open Sax & Violins Film Society.

SIP & PAINT: Partners Jen Halman and Craig Jomartz at Studio Vino where you learn to paint over a wine or cocktail. Photo: AAP Image/Matt Loxton